Campaign Objective

Women of the World (WOW)— is a global movement that champions gender equality, celebrating the achievements of women and girls everywhere and examining the obstacles that keep them from fulfilling their potential. WOW gives platform for women to share their power through stories, narratives and arts which shows the gender equity.

Activity Summary

This year WOW Madesh was held in Janakpur  which focused in Madesh belt of Nepal. The event was held for two days and there were different strands which was organized in different spots of Janakpur.

The event consisted of following strands:

  1. Bites: Soap-box moment where women/girls/men share their personal stories to connect with others working towards a more egalitarian world
  2. Workshop: Educational training intended to provide knowledge and skill exchange between facilitating expert and attending participants
  3. Panel Discussion:Three Panelists are moderated on a particular theme/issue of Gender Equality.
  4. Speed Monitoring: Women leaders mentor young women/girls for 15 minutes, four mentees in an hour. Three sessions are usually held in a day.
  5. Marketplace: A central meeting grounds, the marketplace brings together products, ideas, initiatives and other goods/services by women for women
  6. Pop-up performances: A range of activities happening throughout the event day(s) in between stage programs and on open grounds



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